Rules for participation


  1. The booking form must reach the organizers not later than the 26th of January 2018. 
  2. By signing and submitting the booking form, the exhibitor commits himself to conform unreservedly to the Rules of Participation.
  3. The rules of participation, any amendments additions or cancellations thereto, the booking form and the Notice of allocation of space by the organizers constitute a contract concluded between the Exhibitor and the organizers.
  4. The organizers have the sole right of approval or rejection of any booking form and is not bound to give any reason for its decision.



  1. Exhibitors may be Ministries of Education, Universities, Colleges, Educational Institutions, Educational Services Organisations, Tutorial Centres, Publishers, Manufacturers and agents of educational products and equipment. The organizers reserve the right to exclude exhibitors from the participation and/or restrict the Exhibition to specific groups of exhibitors if considered necessary for attaining the aim and purpose of the Exhibition.
  2. The organizers shall not be responsible, and shall not be involved, in any dispute between exhibitors on account of inaccurate or inadequate description of their identity.



  1. The organizers reserves all rights to allocated stands.
  2. Space is allocated on a first come first served basis and ceases when all spaces have been booked. For future exhibition priority will be given to the exhibitors of the last Exhibition to book the same stand they had then. Afterwards, all other applications from new exhibitors will be examined and booths will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  3. The exhibitors are notified in writing (Notice of allocation of space), of the allocated booth and its cost. If the exhibitor does not object within 7 days from the date of the Notice of Allocation of space, it will be considered that he accepts the stand allocated and its cost.
  4. The Organizers are entitled to make changes in the space allocated, either as to size or location, if this is considered necessary either for the sake of grouping of exhibits or for a better general presentation and this shall in no way give the Exhibitor any right to withdraw or raise any claim.
  5. Transfer, sublicensing or assignment of rights to third parties for the whole or part of the space allocated without the Organiser’s written authorisation is strictly forbidden. The exchange of space between exhibitors without the written consent of the Organiser is also prohibited.
  6. The Exhibitors are prohibited from carrying out any change to the Exhibition space. Any work related to the design and dimensions of the stand must have the prior approval of the Organiser.
  7. The construction and installation of booths shall be the responsibility of the Organiser. Exhibitors who wish to undertake the construction of their stand in cooperation with a stand construction company of their choice must inform the Organiser and must submit to the Technical Department of the Organiser, detailed plans of floor and side views indicating the materials that will be used as well as the electricity connection plans. In order for the plans to be approved, the Technical Department must first ensure that the construction is secure and it will not in any way obstruct sight view and visitor access to neighbouring stands. The border lines of every stand must be clearly defined. Therefore the materials and colours that will be used by the Organiser for visitor corridors should not be used within stands. Exhibitors who will undertake the construction of their stands should first take advice by the Technical Department of the Organiser.
  8. Cancellation of participation. If the Exhibitor decides to cancel his participation at the Exhibition then a percentage of his deposit will be withheld as follows:
  • up to 90 days before the opening of the Exhibition - 50% of his deposit.
  • up to 60 days before the opening of the Exhibition - 75% of his deposit.
  • up to 30 days before the opening of the Exhibition - 100% of his deposit.

If for any reason the exhibitor withdraws his participation before paying the necessary deposit, this will not discharge him of his dues.



  1. The participation and registration fees are those mentioned in the booking form. V.A.T is not included in any of the charges. All charges are subject to V.A.T as provided by the Law.
  2. The participation fee which is 85 euro per square meter, includes the hiring of exhibition space and booth for the whole exhibition period.
  3. The minimum space allocated is 6 sq.m.
  4. A standar booth includes back and side walls 2.50 meters high, fascia board with name of company and stand number, floor carpet and electrical installation, connection and consumption of electricity. The allocated booth will include one desk three chairs, one waste basket. Additional furniture and fittings can be hired from the Organiser at specified prices. A relevant handbook will be sent to all exhibitors.
  5. Exhibitors wishing to have special decoration on the exterior of their booth or any other alteration that may affect the uniformity of booths should first take permission from the Organiser.
  6. The participation fee also includes:
  • Stand cleaning
  • Advertising and Promotion of the Exhibition
  • Insertion in the Exhibition catalogue
  • Technicians, administrative and security personnel at all times



  1. A valid booking shall require the proper completion of the booking form and payment of the 50% of the total amount.
  2. The remaining 50% of the participation fee must be paid off before the opening of the Exhibition. Any other charges i.e. hire of additional furniture will be invoiced during the Exhibition. However, these must be paid before delivery at the stands. A final invoice and statement of account will be delivered to all exhibitors’ stands during the operation of the Exhibition. The charges for telephone calls and internet charges will be invoiced separately after the closing of the Exhibition.
  3. If any arrears are due by the exhibitor to the Organiser any payment shall go first towards settlement of amount due and any balance shall be used to meet the remaining 50% of the participation fee. If this is not satisfied the application is turned down and returned. Bank remittance notes must always identify clearly the name of the exhibitor sending the bank transfer and the name of the Exhibition for which the money is transferred (i.e. Education and career Exhibition). Any bank charges involved are paid by the exhibitor and may not be charged to the Organiser.
  4. Account and Bank details will be provided on the participation invoice.
  5. Payments can be made in any international currency
  6. Exhibitors cannot withhold payment of the participation fee by virtue of any claim they have against the Organiser in connection with this agreement or raise subsequent objections to any justified additional charges.



  1. By submitting an application form, exhibitors are bind to conform with the Rules and instructions of the Organiser, otherwise the Organiser shall have the right to close immediately the pavilion/stand of the exhibitor who, in that case, shall have no right to raise any claim.
  2. The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the cleanliness of his stand/exhibition space, unless he requests cleaning services.
  3. The Exhibitor shall bear sole responsibility for the behavior of his employees and for any loss/damage that might be caused to persons or objects through fault or of his own or of his employees or because of the condition of his stand.
  4. The Exhibitor undertakes to remove all exhibits immediately after the closing of the Exhibition, according to the instructions of the Organiser.
  5. If the Exhibitor wishes to make demonstration on the spot of machinery etc. he should report this and secure the consent of the Organiser in writing.
  6. The Exhibitor shall send all the information for the exhibitors catalogue at least two weeks before the exhibition, Otherwise the responsible company will use information from the official website of the exhibitor if any.



  1. Retail sale of goods at the stand/exhibition space.
  2. Nuisance or disturbance of any sort for the Exhibitors and the public.
  3. Advertising of any nature outside the space allocated.
  4. Advertising at the expense of another Exhibitor even unrelated to the subject of the Exhibition and the advertising of products of third parties.
  5. Fixing of advertising (posters) on the external walls of the stand.
  6. Distribution of advertising material outside the space allocated.
  7. Placing any items outside the space allocated or in a protruding manner or in a manner that will deviate the route of visitors or affect the smooth operation of the Exhibition and neighboring stands.
  8. Ceding space in any way to third parties for display of products.
  9. The exhibition of products other than those prescribed in the Application for Participation and which shall be included in the official catalogue of the Exhibition.



  1. Exhibitors must take out insurance for their exhibits and all their belongings against all risks including theft, fire, water leakage, from the time of their entry at the Exhibition grounds until their exit.
  2. Exhibitors must also take out an insurance against public liability and against any other risk so that they, as well as the Organiser shall be covered against any claim arising from accidents or damages/loss of any nature attributable to the Exhibitor, his employees, his agents or guests, his exhibits or the property and effects of the above persons.



  1. The Police and the Fire Brigade Services as well as the State Exhibitions Organiser shall have the right to issue instructions about the safety of the exhibition space and the Exhibitors are bound to follow such instructions and not obstruct in any way access of the representatives of these services to the security systems, fire extinguishers, emergency exits etc.
  2. The Exhibitors shall see that machinery or other items are adequately protected to prevent accidents.
  3. The emergency exits of the pavilions must always be free and through passage or utilization shall not be obstructed by any objects in any way.



  1. Exhibitors who wish to ship advertising material must note that all containers must be shipped to the Organiser’s attention:Cyprus International Education and Career Exhibition, G. Seferis Street, Makedonitissa Area, 2415 Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus, Nicosia - Cyprus Tel: +35722894278
  2. Each container must indicate the name of the Exhibition, the sender’s name and the number of his sand/booth.
  3. Exhibitors must ensure that all containers have been shipped well in advance. The Organiser will have no responsibility for delayed arrivals. For further assistance on the matter exhibitors may contact the Organiser.



The Organiser is responsible for the advertising and promotion of the Exhibition. However, overseas Organisations or Institutions who wish to advertise locally their participation at the Exhibition will be given a list with names, addresses contact persons of all local newspapers and magazines.



The Organiser is entitled to use photographs of exhibits, and stands for publicity purposes. 



  1. The Organisers responsible for the publication of the Exhibitor’s catalogue.
  2. The Exhibitors are entitled to receive a free copy.
  3. The insertion of exhibitors names and of exhibits is free of charge.
  4. Exhibitors wishing to advertise at the exhibitors’ catalogue should contact the organiser.



  1. The Organiser shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever if for reasons beyond it’s control or for any reason whatsoever the Exhibition does not take place or is held at dates other than those fixed and the Organiser shall have the right to determine whether the whole or a part of the amount paid by the Exhibitor shall be refunded.
  2. The Organiser shall bear no responsibility for the protection of the exhibits in general, of materials, furniture, decorative or any structural work within the spaces allocated nor shall it be responsible for any loss, deterioration, destruction or theft either during preparatory work or operation of the Exhibition/Exhibition or after its closing.



  1. The exhibitors undertake to conform with all the conditions of the Rules. In the event to noncompliance the Organiser reserves the right to take all necessary measures, including the barring of the Exhibitor from this and future Exhibitions or the closing of his stand without any compensation.
  2. The Organiser reserves the right to deal with any subject not provided in these Rules or the laws of the country.



Under the Customs and Excise Law 1967 and the temporary import (Goods for Exhibition) Regulation 1968, exhibits of foreign origin into the Organiser’s ground for the purpose of display or use at the Exhibitions, are exempted from import duty. The Exhibitors Regulations give effect to those provisions of the Customs Convention concerning Facilities for the import of goods for Display or Use at Exhibitions, Exhibitions, Meetings or similar events, held in Brussels on 8th June, 1961. Exhibitors requiring further information on any customs matter relating to the temporary import of exhibits may apply to the Director of Customs and Excise, customs H.Q. Nicosia.



Value Added Tax is not included in any of the charges. All charges are subject to Value Added Tax as provided by the law and will be charged on the invoice. Non-cypriot exhibitors from countries within the European Union will not be liable to VAT in Cyprus but in their country of origin.


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